On a Friday night, you start to vomit, have a fever, and experience diarrhea finding it hard to go to bed with an upset stomach. Do you rush to get emergency care or visit your local urgent care clinic?

It may be confusing and hard to decide whether you need to go to the emergency facility or if a trip to your local urgent care is the best option for you if you find yourself needing medical attention after normal business hours. It also depends on the severity of your condition and medical need.

To help you decide, we have enumerated a few guidelines on when you should go to the ER or urgent care. If the condition is life-threatening, go to an emergency room. If the condition is a minor illness or injury, take advantage of the convenience and affordability Doral Health & Wellness Urgent Care has to offer!

When to go to the emergency room?

Here are the most common conditions treated in the urgent care:

At Doral Health & Wellness Urgent Care, we provide urgent care for common illnesses and injuries, comprehensive care for related injuries and health problems. We have a range of on-site facilities, including x-rays, lab tests, diagnostics, physicals, and screenings.

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